Lead by Serving, Serve by Leading

One of the greatest ways to serve people is by leading them well, like a faithful shepherd.

And the very best way to lead people is by serving them well.

That’s definitely a principle rooted and grounded in the life and ministry of Jesus. He called us to lead people by serving them and to serve people by leading them.

The reality is, all great leadership is servant-leadership.

Jesus made it clear that desiring to be a great leader is a good thing, but we must change our approach to greatness in leadership. It’s never about climbing over people to get to the top. It’s about serving your way there!

Here’s a link to a blog post I wrote about this…

=> Great Leadership is Always About Serving Other People

Also, a few reminders…


I recently discovered a new tool called OneStream Live that allows you to go live on both Facebook and Youtube with pre-recorded video. If you do that, I think it’s wise to say “this is pre-recorded” but it allows you to schedule things.

Hope your week is going well!

Keep serving! Keep leading!

Thanks a ton!

Brandon Cox

PS – Along the lines of servant leadership is a cool book I read in just an hour or so called The Go Giver. It’s all about putting people before profits and serving before selling. Check it out!

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