Create, Write, Speak, Influence, Lead!

This week, I’m launching TWO new podcasts!

The first is my own – Digital Leadership with Brandon Cox – with encouragement and insights on life, leadership, and digital marketing. As of the moment, it’s not in the iTunes store yet, but could be within hours or days.

The second is for Saddleback Church – Advance, by Purpose Driven – where I get to interview leaders of healthy churches and share their best leadership insights with the world about how to grow a healthy church.

If there’s one thing that makes me cringe, it’s listening to my own recorded voice, so editing this thing is an exercise in courage, but I’m going to do it! I’m putting it out there.

I’m also absolutely determined to write my next book this year, too, which is another scary thing. But life is filled with scary things, isn’t it?

But here’s the thing… The world needs hope, truth, grace, and love.

And the world is a vacuum where evil has proven to fill any void left by people unwilling to lead, to speak, to influence.

And here’s the other thing… YOU are an influencer.

We live in a culture that elevates celebrities as “influencers” because they have a million Instagram followers, but the real influencers are moms, dads, teachers, social workers, counselors, pastors, police officers, office managers, secretaries, factory workers, and everyone else with a circle of friends, or kids, or employees to manage.

As John Maxwell says, leadership is influence – nothing more, nothing less.

Therefore, you should write, you should record, you should speak, you should lead, or do whatever it is that the Spirit has been nudging you to do or to do better at, and do it with passion!

The world has never needed your influence more.

One of the things I believe I have a calling to do is to resource leaders for expanding their influence.

So here are five fresh resources for you!


If you’ve ever tried to create videos, screen recordings, etc. then you know that the software required to do so can cost hundreds of dollars and be rather complicated. That’s where Create comes in! With Create, you can record videos with a click, edit the timeline, and publish your videos easily.

For the first four hours only (until 2pm CST), use Coupon Code: Create12 to receive $12 off the one-time price. There is an upsell offering some pretty cool pro features, plus an offer to join Create’s templates club to get fresh templates to use each month, but those are optional. The core software has everything you need to start creating sweet videos from your computer.

=> Get Access to Create and Start Creating!


I just revised a blog post about why I think leaders should be blogging, or vlogging, or podcasting, etc. It isn’t for the fame or the fortune – it’s for the leadership influence of it!

=> Read: Blogging for the Leadership Influence Of It


In The Digital Leadership Lab, I’m releasing a video mini-course this coming Thursday that is all about how to use the internet to create multiple streams of passive income. Owning rental property is smart, but not always possible for everyone. What is possible? Owning digital assets that keep producing income over time.

=> Join the Lab to Get This Course (and ALL the Others)


My friend / mentor / coach, Shawn Lovejoy, has written a couple of pretty incredible books so far for leaders, and this week, his newest one hits the shelves! Shawn gives us better metrics for measuring success than what the world around us often presents.

=> Pre-Order: Measuring Success, by Shawn Lovejoy

Hope your week is going well!

Keep serving! Keep leading!

Thanks a ton!

Brandon Cox

PS – If you feel stuck in leadership, you definitely need to consider getting coached through it! If you want to know more about what one-on-one leadership coaching looks like, email me at brandon at and answer this question… what’s your biggest challenge right now?

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