Some People Hate Talking About This

A lot of people love to talk about money.

And a lot of people hate to talk about it.

Or they hate when people love to talk about it.

I don’t love to talk about it, but I hate not to do so because it’s a BIG part of life for people, and it can be a source of pain, of stress, of worry.

Or it can be a tool for doing great good in the world.

It can cause bondage (the love of money is the root of all evil, right?), or grant freedom, depending on how we handle it.

My view is this…

1. Don’t let money be everything to you. Because it’s simply not everything, and when it becomes everything, you’ll compromise some deeper values to get or keep it.I’

And just as importantly…

2. Don’t let money be nothing to you. That is, don’t ignore it, act like it doesn’t matter, or neglect the proper management of it.

Having said all of that, I’ve got TWO resources to pass along today about money.


A Video Mini-Course – The Passive Income Pathway: How to Create and Stack Passive Income Streams

In this session, I dig into the three kinds of income, how “passive income” actually gets earned, and how to “snowball your income” over time. It’s part of the Digital Leadership Lab. The standalone class is $15, or you can become a Pro Member of the Lab for $35 per month and get ALL the courses I’ve created, am creating, or will create (which is 3 or 4 new topics per month), plus other downloadable resources and a welcoming community of fellow leaders.


A Collection of Resources – The Master Your Money Super Bundle of 2019 from Ultimate Bundles

This is a BIG bundle of courses, ebooks, printables, templates, budgeting worksheets, plus complimentary membership in a couple of pretty helpful online personal financial management communities. It’s an incredible value. I bought it and am trying to decide what to consume first because there’s SO much!

Stay at it, okay?

Thanks a ton!

Brandon Cox

PS – My big focus in life is helping people find freedom. I do that, as a pastor, by pointing people to Jesus. I do that, in my online business, by advising and teaching people about entrepreneurship and online business. And I do that with leaders by helping them sort through their burdens and become more effective.

If I can help YOU in any way – coaching, advice, prayer, etc. email me at brandon at and let me know!

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