Brand New Leadership Podcast!

It’s one of the most important questions any human being ever asks…

Who am I?

And it’s especially important for leaders to answer.

We so often define ourselves by our achievements, or by comparing ourselves to others, or by our failures, that we forget how our Creator defines us. We forget our calling and the roots of our true identity.

Our lack of identity is killing us!

That’s the issue I tackle in the very first episode of my brand new Digital Leadership Podcast!

In fact, I’m spending the first several episodes talking about six different threats to the health of leaders, and three of them are already available in the podcast, which just went live.

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  • My friend, Steve Cunningham, is an absolute genius who reads and summarizes multiple books on leadership each week. He’s the creator of Read It For Me, which offers video summaries of best-selling books in the business leadership space. He’s a Christian and wanted to offer a similar service for believers in leadership, so he created Ember!For the next five days only, you can get a Lifetime Membership in Read It For Me + Ember, plus 10 free annual accounts to give to friends as gifts! And yes, I’m a paid lifetime subscriber myself, and I love it!
  • My friend, mentor, and coach, Shawn Lovejoy, wrote a new book called Measuring Success and it released TODAY! I’m super excited to pass it along and hope you’ll grab a copy and dig into it!
  • The latest video course in The Digital Leadership Lab focuses on digital marketing. It’s all about The Passive Income Pathway and how to stack and snowball income streams over time.
  • My current message series is called Healing. It’s based on the principles and the healing choices that John Baker built into Celebrate Recovery. If you’d like the notes, transcripts, and graphics, just click here and get free access.
  • Last one – for digital marketers… Kevin Fahey’s IM Checklist, Volume 16 went live this week. It’s a collection of checklists all about the topic of copywriting. I’m a member of his site and each month, Kevin releases a couple dozen different checklists on a particular digital marketing topic. I’ve been excited about this one!

I hope your week is going well!

Thanks in advance!

Brandon Cox

PS – Releasing a new podcast is a fear-inducing exercise. Putting your voice out there for all the world to hear is a little scary.

At the end of the day, my passion for helping leaders overrode my fear. I REALLY want this to be helpful and encouraging, so please consider subscribing, reviewing, sharing, etc.

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