Could “Balance” Be Leading You to Burnout?

There is only so much of you to go around.

And one of the leading causes of burnout is when all of our energy is so divided out to different people and priorities that we just don’t have enough left to sustain a healthy soul.

Striving for “balance” in life can sometimes make us feel like a pizza – we’re trying to make sure everyone around us gets a slice.

When it comes to burnout, I’ve had experience walking through it. And more importantly, I’ve walked through a LOT of healing from it.

I don’t know where you’re at in your leadership right now. You might be doing GREAT – you’re healthy, living in rhythm, strong in confidence, and leading boldly into the future. You might be STRUGGLING – you’re managing to keep people satisfied that you’re earning your pay, but your heart is barely in it anymore.

One of the big keys to recovering from and preventing burnout is finding a healthy rhythm for your life.

In episode two of The Digital Leadership Podcast, I talk about burnout – my story, the causes, how to fight back and get healthy again, and more.

And I share specifically about why I believe rhythm is the goal, not balance.

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  • Over at our Unstrapped Life website where we talk about personal financial management, entrepreneurship, and more, David Williams shared a post about How to Beat Your Insecurity and Take the Right Risks. It turns out that avoiding all risk might be one of the riskiest moves you can make!
  • Steve Fogg wrote a great post about 7 Mistakes You Should Avoid On Your Church Website, and I agree with him entirely.
  • Pastor Rick Warren nails it with an article about evangelism and learning to speak the language of lost people, which is love. Check out his piece, Why You Need to Think Like a Fish.

Hope you have an awesome weekend!

Thanks a ton,

Brandon Cox

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