Don’t You Just Love Leading Through Change?

One of the things we often say within our church staff is…

We embrace the pain of change for the win of seeing more people coming to know Jesus.

Growth, of any type, requires change. We will usually resist change as long as we can stand the pain of staying the same… unless we’re intentional. Unless we make the decision to move forward and then commit to a new direction.

It’s a fact – growing churches, organizations, and businesses are only led by growing leaders.

And to grow as a leader:

  1. Learn new strategies, new techniques – challenge and expand your mind.
  2. Put those strategies into action. The future belongs to massive action takers.
  3. Make yourself accountable to someone – a coach, mentor, etc. – to keep going.

Speaking of change, I’m changing the format of these emails. If you’ve been getting them, you’ll notice this one is a little more organized so you can scan for what might be helpful and skip the rest.

If you don’t want to receive email from me – no problem – just scroll to the very bottom and click the unsubscribe link.

I can promise you this – I think all the time about how to empower and resource leaders to grow, and I’m determined to add value to your life!

Let’s embrace the pain of change so we can experience some big wins!

Thanks in advance!

Brandon Cox

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from the BLOG

I wrote a post once about this sticky topic of leading through change and shared this:

At every level, at every turn, I must grow to enable the church to grow along with me. And if I, as the leader, don’t grow, the organization’s growth will be stunted and leaders who are emerging and growing, themselves, will often find places to go that allow them to flourish.

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from the PODCAST

I recently launched The Digital Leadership Podcast, where I’ll talk about life, leadership, and touch on digital marketing from time to time as well. It’s free to subscribe, of course, and there are three episodes out there already about what’s killing your leadership – topics like burnout and depression, and how to overcome them!

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from the LAB

How do you create (and distribute) fresh content, week in and week out? After all, people show up for great content and then stay for relationships. That’s what I’m talking about in the micro-course I’m releasing this coming Thursday inside The Digital Leadership Lab.

Dropping this Thursday:
Content Marketing 101: How to Create and Share
Fresh, Helpful Content and Gather a Tribe

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good READS

Just a few links, articles, books, etc. I’m reading lately.


Fred Lam has released a brand-new audiobook with a proven 5-step system that you can follow to generate your first sale online even if you have never done anything like it before!

Fred is an eCommerce genius who has helped several people earn over a million dollars per year in their online businesses. The audio book is releasing at the ridiculous price of $1.99, so grab it while it’s available…


Every week, I send an email with a link to my sermon notes for the week, plus transcripts and videos from previous message, plus the series graphics. Use them freely any way you’d like, but my intention is merely some inspiration.

Want to be on the list to get them? Click the link below…

Current Message Series
Healing (Based on the Beatitudes and
The Principles of Celebrate Recovery)

useful TOOLS & APPS

If you’re looking for a sweet, simple solution for creating videos for marketing or tutorials, especially sharing your screen in the video, check out Create, by the team over at Vidello. It’s smooth!

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