Leaders, Depression, and Mental Health

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Is it possible for people in leadership – even church leadership – to struggle with depression? Anxiety? Mental illness?

Yes. At least I do. Or have.

And in my latest Digital Leadership Podcast episode, I share a piece of my story – a rather painful piece, actually.

The part where I was burned out, trying to keep everyone happy while dying on the inside and unsure of who I was or how I fit into the world.

I’m way healthier now, thanks to the faithfulness of God, a loving and very emotionally intelligent wife (who also happens to be a licensed therapist), and a grace-based safe place (first Saddleback Church and now Grace Hills Church).

There is a lot of stigma around the issue of mental health, especially for leaders. I tackle that stigma head on in this episode.

This conversation needs to happen. Even Forbes magazine called suicide a “global health epidemic.”

My conclusion is that there is always, ALWAYS hope!

You are loved. You are valued. You are known by a Creator who has set his affection and redemptive intention on you!

Your. Life. Matters!

Listen to the Episode (or Read the Article Version)

And if you know someone who struggles, share it with them – forward this email, or share the podcast episode via text from your mobile device, or share the article on social media.

Let’s keep talking about things that matter deeply.

Thanks in advance!

Brandon Cox

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