How Much Does It Take to Start a Business?

I’m a big fan of Shark Tank. And it’s not the crazy product ideas or the flashy personalities of the sharks that gets me.

It’s the numbers. I’m a numbers nerd.

And one of the numbers you hear the sharks asking about over and over is the manufacturing cost of a product.

Okay, it sells for $20, how much does it cost to make?

And they reply, $17, and then the shark sighs and cries, “That’s it. I’m out!”

Imagine if the entrepreneur could honestly say, Zero! I spend absolutely nothing on inventory.

That’s how things work in the world of Fred Lam, a successful young entrepreneur who has built a tremendous ecommerce business.

In fact, Fred has helped build hundreds of businesses for other people. He’s helped produce several millionaires from his efforts.

And now he’s condensed his ideas down to a book that you can get for less than $2.

You get access to BOTH the audiobook and the PDF ebook of Starting from Zero: How to Build an Online Business When You’re Starting from Nothing.

What caught my attention about Fred is that his business is endorsed by Robert Kiyosaki, and I’m a big Kiyosaki fan!

Fred interviewed Robert about how online businesses are built and passed along the video.

=> Watch the Interview, and Get Your $2 Copy of Fred’s Book

I’m working through the book right now myself and taking notes. Fred’s a smart dude! This is maximum knowledge for a minimal investment.

Thanks in advance!

Brandon Cox

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