The Heaviness of Holy Week

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I happen to really like chocolate. Especially wrapped around peanut butter.

And those Cadbury Creme Eggs? Wow. Those are my favorite.

But we all know Easter isn’t really about the candy, is it?

A. T. Robertson, in his famous Harmony of the Gospels, labels the last few days of Jesus’ life as recorded in the gospels “in the shadow with Jesus.”

The shadow?

Yes. The darkness

Hell has always fought hard against the redemptive plans of God. And in Jesus’ life, that meant numerous confrontations with religious leaders, abandonment by his allies, accusations from his detractors, and of course, the cross.

Every year, during Holy Week (Passion Week, the week of Easter, etc.), I feel two things…

First, the darkness and heaviness of the reality that we live in a world that rejects the love and truth and grace of God, and the Son of God, too.

And second, the overwhelming delight of the victory that is ours when we humble ourselves, embrace the Savior, and experience what it means for him to make us more than conquerors who live in the power and the promise of his resurrection.

If you’re a church leader reading this, I wanted to pass along some encouragement to make this coming Sunday a really, really big deal!

The world has never needed the hope of Jesus more, and we are stewards of the love, the truth, and the grace of God, so it’s our responsibility to make the most of every opportunity to share King Jesus with the rest of the world!

Let’s pray with and for each other. Let’s honor the King. And let’s keep making a big deal of Jesus!

Thanks in advance!

Brandon Cox

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