5 Ways to Grow Your Leadership Capacity

John Maxwell often talks about the Law of the Lid, which basically states that the level of an organization will never excel beyond the level of its primary leader. You will always struggle to lead other people beyond your own level of leadership proficiency.

Leadership is all about growing other people, developing people, and lifting and raising people. Leadership means developing other people to their potential.

Leadership is not about you being the rockstar. Leadership is about you pouring into others and giving others a track to grow on.

You are the lid for your organization, for yourself, and for the people that you lead.

In other words, if I’m leading at a seven I will never be able to take people beyond a five or six. Jesus was a ten. He is the Master Leader, but all of us are somewhere below that. We all find ourselves at different places and at different levels.

The question is, how do I lift the lid? How do I change my capacity? How do I grow in my ability to influence other people?

That’s what I answer in the latest episode of The Digital Leadership Podcast on 5 Ways to Grow Your Leadership Capacity.

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Brandon Cox

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