The Very Best Business to Be In

The very best business to be in?

It’s the business you’re most passionate about. And there are TWO ways to maximize your influence in the area of your passion.

1. LEARN about it.

Always be sharpening your mind and increasing your knowledge in the area of your passion. Whether it’s fly fishing, public speaking, or health and fitness.

2. DO it.

It’s hard to speak with real authority on a subject you’re not currently practicing. I once tried to launch a niche blog about decorating in a modern farmhouse style. It was a subject that kind of interested me, but I wasn’t passionate enough about it to be consumed with doing it well, so it fizzled.

Build your business around something you do well.

3. TEACH it.

Knowledge is valuable. It’s so valuable, in fact, that people actually pay money for it. I do, all the time. It’s how I put some skin in the game and commit to actually completing the books and courses I buy.

Whatever you know about and do well, start teaching it to others – through blogging, podcasting, courses, coaching, speaking, etc.

And you’ll be in the very best business you can be in.

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Thanks in advance!

Brandon Cox

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