A New Podcast for Purpose Driven Leaders!

It’s LIVE!

We’ve been working on a brand new podcast where I interview leaders of healthy, purpose driven churches and tell their stories, drawing out transferrable principles from which other pastors and leaders can learn.

Introducing the Advance Podcast, by Purpose Driven!

So far, I’ve interviewed

  • Brian Moss, from Oak Ridge Baptist Church, about how he became the pastor of a very small, struggling congregation and had a big dream for his community that is now coming true
  • Kurt Bubna, from Eastpoint Church in Spokane, Washington, about how his church creates transformational experiences each weekend
  • Doug Bell, from CrossPointe in the Memphis area, about the value of staying faithful and pouring your energy into a church with the potential to turn around
  • Ron Sylvia, from The Springs in Ocala, Florida about a great way to welcome guests as well as what to do when you’re discouraged

And I just interviewed Ryan Nunez from Palm Valley Church in the Phoenix area – that one will go live in a week or so.

So please listen in and share the word with your fellow leaders!

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And here are some other timely resources for leaders…

Another New Podcast:

My friend, Shawn Lovejoy, also just started a podcast for church leaders. Shawn coached me through the planting of Grace Hills Church and has written several great books for leaders.

=> Check out Shawn Lovejoy’s New Podcast, Courage to Lead

For Writers & Authors:

There’s probably a book in your head, waiting to get published, right? Then you’ve gotta grab this downloadable pocket guide to writing and getting published, from Hope Writers. It’s free for a few days.

=> Download The Newbie’s Pocket Rulebook of Book Publishing

To Earn Online Income:

Fred Lam is a trusted expert in the online marketing space and has helped hundreds of people launch successful businesses from home. He’s opened up a free course about the three ways to earn online income.

=> Enroll in Fred’s Free Online Business Bootcamp

Or you could learn one specific model for online marketing, such as the one taught by Robby Blanchard, who is literally the #1 Clickbank affiliate marketer in the world. He offers a free webinar that covers it all.

=> Save a Seat at Robby’s Next Free Webinar

An Article on Healthy Church Growth

Pastor Tom Holladay is one of my heroes, and he wrote an article last week about how to build healthy, purpose driven churches the way Jesus would. Definitely worth your time!

=> Read: Building Purpose Driven Churches the Jesus Way

Current Message Series

Every Sunday morning, I email out my sermon notes, plus a link to the archives with a couple dozen series’ worth of outlines, transcripts, and graphics. My current series is Fearless, based on Psalm 23. There’s no cost at all. Want to be included?

=> Get on the Free Sermon Notes List

By the way, on my Digital Leadership Podcast, I’m hoping to answer questions that leaders are actually asking. If there’s a topic you believe I should address, hit Reply and let me know what it is.

And, have an awesome weekend!

Thanks in advance!

Brandon Cox


PS – I currently have about two spots open for one-on-one leadership coaching. If you want to know how coaching can help you get unstuck and hit the fast forward button, click here to learn more and apply.

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